Solution Overview

The Healthcare Management solution has been crafted to meet the unique requirements of healthcare industry. Accuracy and availability of information is key to this domain’s success.

The centralized module will allow faster, precise access to patient records that will help doctors to move in quickly in case of emergency situation. The automated systems also helps the hospital/ clinic to be more productive at lower costs.


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    Manage Patient details

    Patient details and history. Details like patient medicament, diseases, lab test, etc.

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    Appointment Management

    Receptionist can create appointment with the details like physician, consultation service etc.

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    Manage New Born details 

    Manage new born baby’s basic details like mother’s name,APGAR Score,Neonatal signs and symptoms and other details.

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    Generate Patient’s Prescriptions

    Generate prescriptions with the doctor’s and patient’s details, can create invoice from prescription.

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    Lab Test Request and Result

    Patient can request lab test and can get the result of the lab test.

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    Generate Report for patient details, appointment, prescriptions, lab-test

    User can generate the report for their details, appointment, prescriptions, lab-test.

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