Solution Overview 

Business is now Online, since COVID-19 the market has changed, all companies, shops and stores transfer their business to be online with all expected benefits decreasing the cost and saving the time

COVID-19 has changed online shopping forever it’s more important now than ever before.

It has become an important requirement in making businesses, and open to customers globally, without a set time to order and buy products.

Solution Features

  • We believe that website design and eCommerce software work together in order to reflect and define your unique brand and also to attract customers, so we are here to support your business requirements needs from the planning to execution stages.
  • But WordPress is not an eCommerce platform it is a blogging platform, so with the help of the WooCommerce plugin WordPress has turned into an eCommerce platform that is highly recommended for small and mid-size businesses. WooCommerce today powers over 28% of online shops.

  • It helps people to sell their products through e-commerce and gives both store owners and developers complete control.
  • That’s what made it important and the most used via WooCommerce Connector this plugin allows you to sync order and customer information with your accounting and invoicing systems.
  • The connector synchronizes your WooCommerce storefront with your database, inventory, client information, order and shipping fulfillment system to give you the results faster and more efficient.

The integration between Odoo system and WordPress platform put in our hands an e-commerce solution to support your business and increase your profits.

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