HR Management

  • HR Dashboard
  • Salary Advance
  • Interactive Theme
  • HR Multi Company
  • Shift Management
  • Loan Management
  • Employee Reminders
  • Employee Branch Transfer
  • Advanced Employee Master
  • Biometric Device Automation
  • Appraisal Plans & Strategies
  • HR Announcements
  • Employee Insurance
  • Resignation Process
  • Vacation Management
  • Law Suit Management
  • Appreciations & Memos
  • Entry & Exit Checklist
  • HR Documents Management
  • Custody/Property Management
  • Automation on Leave Request Mails

Employee Management :


  • Personal Information Management
  • Work information Management
  • Organizational hierarchy
  • Employee documents management
  • Employees contract management
  • Air tickets management

Leave Management


  • Employees Leave request management
  • Requests approvals
  • Allocations of leave types
  • Customize leave types
  • Leave analysis report
  • Leave by department
  • 360 degree calendar review

Self Service

  • Allowing Employee to edit own employee information
  • Allowing Employee to see own projects
  • Allowing Employee to see own tasks
  • Allowing Employee to encode/enter timesheet Activities/ Timesheet Lines
  • Allowing Employee to make attendances
  • Allowing Employee to create and manage own leave request
  • Allowing Employee to create/manage own expenses
  • Allowing Employee to see Payslips
  • Allowing Employee to see own contracts
  • Allowing Employee to send maintenance requests
  • For more details below screenshots.

Loan Management

  • Employee can create loan request.
  • Loan amount is deducted from the salary.
  • Double layer approval, from Accounting & HR Department.
  • Current month installment is automatically listed in payslip.

Legal Management


This module managing all legal actions of employees, customer and suppliers.

  • Managing legal actions.
  • Allows you to take case reports.
  • Option to followup each case.



  • From sourcing to contract, handle your recruitment process easily.
  • Set up your job board, promote your job listings and easily keep track of submitted applications.
  • Follow every applicant and build a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents.
  • No need to outsource your recruitment – handle everything internally in a simple and professional way.



  • Payroll management tightly integrated with HR Management (employee’s contract, Leaves, Attendances and Timesheets).
  • For generating Payroll, each employee should be defined with contracts with salary structure.
  • This contract will define the Basic Pay, Working Schedules, duration and other related details.
  • The salary structure is the record of set of rules.
  • It includes with one or more salary rules which helps to calculate salary during payroll generation process.
  • Payroll management supports to generate pay slip individually or employee category wise or as employees batches.
  • Mass creation of Pay slip for group of employees can be achieved in this way.

Payroll Key Features

  • Define Employee Contracts
  • Define Salary Structure
  • Define Salary Rules
  • Define Contribution & Deduction Registers
  • Total worked days calculation (Based on Leaves and attendances)
  • Generate Employee Payrolls (Individual/Batch wise)
  • Print Employee Pay slips (Individual/Batch wise)
  • Generate Payment Advices against salary and post it in accounting.
  • WPS file generation as per UAE standard
  • Adhoc components additions and deductions

Expense Management


  • Draft expenses, add notes, and upload receipts to the expense record.


  • Validate or refuse expenses in a click. Add comments, edit records, or request additional information.


  • Record company and employee expenses, adding them to the books and processing payments and invoices.


Appraisal Overview

Maintain the motivational process in your company by doing periodical evaluations of your employees’ performance.

Regularly assess your human resources to bring benefits for your people as well as for your organization, whether it’s a small businesses or a large corporation.

Clearly see the appraisal status for each employee or for the whole company

Keep track of upcoming evaluations and send reminders to respondents

Turn every evaluation into a printable PDF form.

Appraisal Features

  • Ability to Manage several types of evaluations: bottom-up, top-down, self-evaluations, and final evaluation by the manager.
  • Create survey using own templates or choose from existing ones.
  • Quickly add questions, edit pages and draft a useful survey, using great built-in templates or making your own design from scratch.
  • Proof your surveys before publishing them: get them reviewed by managers, supervisors or other employees and let them add comments before finalizing the surveys.
  • You can even create several surveys for each evaluation step to send them to different people.
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